This is a horror novel. It will be published in February 2024 by Angry Robot Books.

What would guilt make you do?

Morgan Bright admits herself into an asylum to learn the truth about her sister’s death. 

Hadleigh died on the road leading away from Hollyhock. The reasons are unknown. Morgan blames herself. A year later and with the case still unsolved, Morgan creates a false identity, that of a troubled housewife named Charlotte Turner, and goes inside.

Morgan quickly discovers that Hollyhock is…not right. She is shaken by the hospital’s peculiar routines and is soon beset by strange episodes. All the while, the persona of Charlotte takes on a life of its own, becoming stronger each passing day.

With her identity unraveling, Morgan finds herself tracing Hadleigh’s footsteps and peering into the places they lead.

“You will twirl with us.”