Short Stories

The Excursionist of JCPenney—Metaphorosis, 2023

Internet Review from a Vampire—Bureau Dispatch, 2022

So that Light Carries Through—Janus Literary Editor’s Showcase, 2021

Reveals the Wicked—The Molotov Cocktail, 2021

The Skin of Aquila Cadens—Metaphorosis, 2020

Following Walls—The Molotov Cocktail, 2020

Warden of the Sun—The Molotov Cocktail,  2020

The Eighth Fathom—Metaphorosis, 2020

When Billionaires Flee to Proxima b—Defenestration, 2019

Invasive Species—The Molotov Cocktail, 2019

The Lightning that Sent You—Ellipsis Zine,  2019

Angels of Purgatory—The Molotov Cocktail, 2019

Their Soil Freshly Turned—The Molotov Cocktail, 2019

Reflections So Much Like Starlight—Soft Cartel, 2019

Fruit on the Forest Path—Trembles with Fear, 2019

Wingwork—Fiction on the Web, 2019

They Come to Hear—Ghost Parachute, 2018

Bipinnaria—Tales to Terrify, 2018

Groundskeeper—The Ginger Collect, 2018