Publishers Weekly Gives STRINGERS a Starred Review

Apparently that's a thing. A good thing! Here's the text of the review: Where Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy recommended towels, this slapstick and semisweet space opera sends its Earthlings out among the aliens armed only with a jar of pickles. Ben Sullivan, expert fly-fishing lure tier, possesses uncanny knowledge of entomology and clocks—subjects he’s never … Continue reading Publishers Weekly Gives STRINGERS a Starred Review

STRINGERS Cover Reveal!

Where The Phlebotomist was face-melt pink, Angry Robot and I are trying to do face-melt green this time! STRINGERS comes out April 12, 2022, so please pre-order now! (Due to some unorthodox formatting within the book, the print version is my personal recommendation for reader experience, though e-book is fine). Pre-Order from Bookshop Pre-Order from … Continue reading STRINGERS Cover Reveal!

Best-of-the-Net 2021 Nomination!

The Molotov Cocktail Magazine is one of my favorite short fiction venues. There's something about the tone of the stories they publish and those they select as winners in their quarterly contests that appeals to me personally. Something about the emotional exploration of mostly awful happenings that I enjoy. Perhaps it's my hopeful misanthrope lurking … Continue reading Best-of-the-Net 2021 Nomination!