STRINGERS will be my second novel, and second outing with incredible publisher Angry Robot Books. Set for publication in Spring 2022, it’s a heartfelt sci-fi vehicle for potty jokes.

Ben isn’t a genius, but his brain is overflowing. Whether it’s natural science (mainly the intricacies of bug sex), or vintage timepieces, he can spout facts and information with the best of experts. He just can’t explain why he knows any of it. When Ben is abducted by a loquacious intergalactic bounty hunter, he learns that his knowledge isn’t a fluke. He’s a Stringer—someone who can glimpse into the past lives of those who occupied the same thread of consciousness. And in addition to beetle nookie and grandpa’s watch collection, he knows something that a certain alien species would kill to get their appendages on: the location of the Chime. What it is, he couldn’t tell you. But he soon begins to learn that for some, the Chime means deliverance; for others, it would mean their destruction.

With the help of a group of escaped fellow stringers who might also be trying to murder him, Ben vows to find the Chime for himself – before it can be used to wipe out the galaxy, and everyone in it.

Interim cover, maybe—probably not:

Credit: @paprbckparadise (give them a follow–they produce the most hilarious covers for books that will never (unfortunately) be written.