Interviews & Essays — STRINGERS

Just going to pile this stuff here if you are interested in reading or listening to stuff about STRINGERS.


New Books in Science Fiction Podcast with Dan Hanks

Fiction Fans Podcast

Coffee in Space Podcast

The Reading and Writing Podcast with Jeff Rutherford

Interview with Stephen Aryan on his Late Night Talk channel:

Interview with Adrian Gibson of FanFiAddict:


Interview with Paul Semel

Interview with My Life My Books My Escape.

An interview I did with Myna Chang for UnchartedMag.

Interview with Tammy Sparks at Books, Bones & Buffy

Interview with FanFiAddict

Interview with Sunday Brunch Author Interview Series


Pickles and Other Inanimate Characters at FanFiAddict

How My Inexplicable Fascination with Bug Dongs Led Me to Write a Good Time Space Opera at SciFiNow

Lovable Baddies over at The Fantasy Hive

The “Neural Dredge” at Scalzi’s Big Idea

Creating Novel and “Plausible” Faster-Than-Light Transportation Systems