Dark Nouveau Coloring Book

It’s been 7 years since I put out FULL METAL COLORING BOOK, so let’s do another, shall we?

DARK NOUVEAU is Chris Panatier’s second coloring book that explores dark and moody themes in beautiful ways. The illustrations were originally commissioned as album art or book covers. Presented here are portrayals of life, death, despair, revelry, solitude, rage, and fear, all in their starkest black and white for colorists to add their own interpretations. Contains some minimal nudity.

For this one, we made some significant upgrades that you don’t typically see in coloring books. I did this so that emphasis could be placed on removing the art should the colorist wish to frame, hang up, give away, etc. And perhaps most importantly of all:

THERE ARE TWO VERSIONS. One for pencils, done on 20lb paper with a nice tooth for smooth gradients, and one for markers, printed on 100lb paper. This stuff is really nice. Other features include:

Features to get the most out of your coloring:

  • BIG! 11.5″ x 11.5″
  • 24 images, with 7 being full spread (left and right side)
  • All images are single sided.
  • Ring bound so that the pages can be fully colored and so that pressure marks don’t go through to other images.
  • NOT AN AMAZON PRODUCT AND WILL NOT BE LISTED ON AMAZON. This book is published by Greenbelt Press, a small business in Austin, Texas.

All of these features mean that this cannot be a cheap print on demand. The price reflects that. You are getting a high quality, large, ring-bound coloring book. Pencil is $15.00 and Marker is $22.00, plus shipping.


For International orders, please email support@greenbeltpress.com with your name and full shipping address. We’ll make it work!

Here is a quick flip-through video showing size and images.