The Molotov Cocktail’s Phantom Flash Contest

I won! Yay! If you don't read The Molotov cocktail, you must. They publish ultra punchy, inventive flash stories (less than 1000 words) in the sort of strange-fiction space. They do a contest four times a year with pretty heavy entry rate. I entered with my story "Angels of Purgatory" and the damned thing won! … Continue reading The Molotov Cocktail’s Phantom Flash Contest

Amid giant raindrops

We have two dogs. They're like most other dogs: their breeds are roughly discernible, they love people, and food and bathing their nether regions. There's Samson, the border collie/Australian shepherd/teenage dirtbag and there's Gretel, the lovable asshole goat/mutt hybrid. They are actually kind of smart but their typical idiot dog baseline regularly overrides any intelligence … Continue reading Amid giant raindrops