Molotov Cocktail’s Flash Legend Contest

My very short story "Their Soil Freshly Turned" was just named the second place winner by The Molotov Cocktail in their second quarterly contest (they do four per year). It's a story about an unexpected response to an idiosyncratic act of kindness. Give it a read! "Their Soil Freshly Turned" at The Molotov Cocktail   … Continue reading Molotov Cocktail’s Flash Legend Contest

The Molotov Cocktail’s Phantom Flash Contest

I won! Yay! If you don't read The Molotov cocktail, you must. They publish ultra punchy, inventive flash stories (less than 1000 words) in the sort of strange-fiction space. They do a contest four times a year with pretty heavy entry rate. I entered with my story "Angels of Purgatory" and the damned thing won! … Continue reading The Molotov Cocktail’s Phantom Flash Contest

Amid giant raindrops

We have two dogs. They're like most other dogs: their breeds are roughly discernible, they love people, and food and bathing their nether regions. There's Samson, the border collie/Australian shepherd/teenage dirtbag and there's Gretel, the lovable asshole goat/mutt hybrid. They are actually kind of smart but their typical idiot dog baseline regularly overrides any intelligence … Continue reading Amid giant raindrops