STRINGERS Cover Reveal!

Where The Phlebotomist was face-melt pink, Angry Robot and I are trying to do face-melt green this time! STRINGERS comes out April 12, 2022, so please pre-order now! (Due to some unorthodox formatting within the book, the print version is my personal recommendation for reader experience, though e-book is fine). Pre-Order from Bookshop Pre-Order from … Continue reading STRINGERS Cover Reveal!


A little off the wall, underwater spooky bit of flash for your Halloween. _____________________________________________________ SNAKEINS Joseph considered the sonar readout on his heads-up display, trying to figure the most efficient route through the debris field. He chinned the comm just behind the helmet’s regulator and spoke into it, “I’m picking up a patch about two … Continue reading Snakeins

The Phlebotomist Launch Events/Interviews

I'm going to try and aggregate together the various podcasts, streams, and essays that are or will be coming out in connection with THE PHLEBOTOMIST. If you are curious about my writing process, publishing journey, and/or the book itself, it should all be here! UK Launch Event With Angry Robot US Launch Event with … Continue reading The Phlebotomist Launch Events/Interviews

Molotov Cocktail’s Prize Winners Anthology Vol. 5

The Molotov Cocktail publishes a unique brand of short fiction that, to me at least, stands out from the crowd. Most is horror tinged, but always with emotional heft, and a solid dose of heart. In addition to their regularly scheduled issues, they also run four themed-contests a year and then publish an anthology with … Continue reading Molotov Cocktail’s Prize Winners Anthology Vol. 5