Best-of-the-Net 2021 Nomination!

The Molotov Cocktail Magazine is one of my favorite short fiction venues. There's something about the tone of the stories they publish and those they select as winners in their quarterly contests that appeals to me personally. Something about the emotional exploration of mostly awful happenings that I enjoy. Perhaps it's my hopeful misanthrope lurking … Continue reading Best-of-the-Net 2021 Nomination!

Talkin’ ‘Bout Dystopias

I joined fellow Angry Robot authors Gabriela Houston (The Second Bell) and Caroline Hardaker (Composite Creatures) to talk about the different ways that Caroline and I approached "medical" dystopian settings in our debut novels. This was a super interesting conversation and it was over way too fast. Link: Bookish Take: Medical Dystopias with Caroline Hardaker … Continue reading Talkin’ ‘Bout Dystopias

Second Novel, STRINGERS, Sold to Angry Robot Books

Several months back, my agent (Hannah Fergesen at KT Literary) and I went through the stack of partial novels I'd written over the years to figure out which of them to pitch to ANGRY ROBOT as a second book. This, of course, was a reinforcing lesson in Never Delete Anything because the story Hannah figured … Continue reading Second Novel, STRINGERS, Sold to Angry Robot Books