Publishers Weekly Gives STRINGERS a Starred Review

Apparently that's a thing. A good thing! Here's the text of the review: Where Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy recommended towels, this slapstick and semisweet space opera sends its Earthlings out among the aliens armed only with a jar of pickles. Ben Sullivan, expert fly-fishing lure tier, possesses uncanny knowledge of entomology and clocks—subjects he’s never … Continue reading Publishers Weekly Gives STRINGERS a Starred Review

STRINGERS Cover Reveal!

Where The Phlebotomist was face-melt pink, Angry Robot and I are trying to do face-melt green this time! STRINGERS comes out April 12, 2022, so please pre-order now! (Due to some unorthodox formatting within the book, the print version is my personal recommendation for reader experience, though e-book is fine). Pre-Order from Bookshop Pre-Order from … Continue reading STRINGERS Cover Reveal!