New Horror Novel Coming 2024

It was inevitable, I suppose, that I’d end up veering toward full-blooded horror in my novels at some point. My flash fiction tends to lean toward the horrific and so now I get to do it in 90,000 words instead of 1,000.

This will be my third novel published by the good folks at Angry Robot Books, who also put out The Phlebotomist in 2020 and Stringers in 2022.

Anyway, on to the new one.

Morgan’s sister died at Hollyhock Psychiatric Hospital.

No one on the outside has any answers.

So Morgan goes inside to get them.


Thanks to my tireless agent, Sara Megibow, who sold this story in record time. Here’s the announcement from Publisher’s Marketplace:

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  1. Hey man how many pages? The Phlebotomist was dope about to start Stringers. Keep it coming!!!

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