STRINGERS on some Best of Lists

SciFiNow named STRINGERS it’s 2022 Book of April! How’s this for an endorsement:

“When we asked author Chris Panatier about how he created Stringers, we were most assuredly not expecting him to start down a rabbit hole of bug penises. Yet, the world is strange and we were grateful to read Panatier’s sprawling buddy adventure complete with flesh-robot bounty-hunters, faster than light travel, galactocalpyse, and a surprisingly resilient jar of pickles.”

STRINGERS was named one of the best Sci-fi books of the year by Books, Bones, & Buffy–one of the most prolific and respected book blogs out there.

It was also one of Book Invasion’s top reads of 2022. Scott, who runs the channel, has some insight into the book that you might not catch if you just focus on the surface level goofball stuff. You can watch below.

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