WorldCon Schedule

WorldCon (known as DisCon III this year as it is being hosted in Washington, D.C.) is scheduled from December 15-19th, 2021. The full schedule is here.

I’m happy to have some appearances this year, including a signing, a reading and two panels. Those are:

Wednesday, 4:00pm: Book signing (I’ll have copies of THE PHLEBOTOMIST available)

Wednesday, 5:30pm: Panel, FUTURE MEAT: What does the future hold for carnivorous foodways as factory farming becomes less and less sustainable and more socially unpopular? Is the future cloned meat, vat steaks, cricket burgers, or fungus-based “chicken?” Are we growing past the need to refer to products as meat substitutes? Can we trust the companies which produce them? What are the ethical implications?

Thursday, 1:00pm: Reading alongside A.C. Wise

Saturday, 1:00pm: Panel, HEAVY METAL AND FANTASY: Epic fantasy can tread on a razor’s edge of goofiness. A certain suspension of irony is needed to take barbarians, wizards, and silly names seriously. Heavy metal music similarly requires emotional commitment to stylistic bombast. Is earnestness and willingness to commit why we love both genres? From classic warrior metal bands like Manowar to the more modern, poppy sound of Unleash the Archers, let’s talk about what metal and fantasy have in common, and why they go well together.

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