It’s been a long and winding path, but I am so happy to announce that I am now represented by Hannah Fergesen at KT Literary. We are already churning on a few projects and hopefully we’ll have some great things to announce in the not too distant future!

Someday soon I’ll get around to writing up a post detailing my roundabout journey to finding representation. One thing I will share now is that having worked on various novels for the five years before I found an agent means that Hannah and I have a variety of stories to choose from. It gives us flexibility in selecting publishers to submit to as well as the ability to move relatively quickly. Some stories are a couple spit shines away from ready-to-pitch, while others still need work—but the bones are there on which we can build the flesh of a career.

So, if you’re like me and finding an agent becomes a years-long endeavor, keep writing. Never delete work. When you do get that agent (and you will if you keep at it), you’ll be glad you have all of that material to draw from.

In the meantime, you’re just honing your craft! And the best thing about practice is that you can’t get worse.

Most good writing... starts as bad writing - Business Cat | Make a Meme

That’s me when I started writing. I was an actual cat—and I am super allergic to cats. Now I’m a feral human.

-Take care my friends.

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