Molotov Cocktail’s Prize Winners Anthology Vol. 5

The Molotov Cocktail publishes a unique brand of short fiction that, to me at least, stands out from the crowd. Most is horror tinged, but always with emotional heft, and a solid dose of heart. In addition to their regularly scheduled issues, they also run four themed-contests a year and then publish an anthology with the top 10 pieces from each one. The latest is Volume 5, which is the first I’ve had pieces in. Two of mine are included, both “Angels of Purgatory” and “Their Soil Freshly Turned”.

Supporting high-quality literary magazines is a tremendous way to spend your money if you like reading inventive short fiction. Volume 5, with its absolutely gorgeous pulpy cover, contains 40 such stories and is available now!

Buy The Molotov cocktail: Prize Winners Anthology Vol. 5.

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