It’s happening

In the words of George Michael Bluth,


I’ve been sitting on this news for a week, hoping that it would sink in (spoiler: it hasn’t), but wanted to go ahead and write an entry while my thoughts and emotions were still fresh.

An awesome publisher made an offer to publish one of my books! I’ve written a few now, and all of them are somewhere along in the epic quest for publication. Some are still early drafts, while others were polished, sent into the world, failed to land an agent, got shelved, then unshelved, and rewritten. Others are in book limbo.

But this particular book felt special when I wrote it. It was *easy* in a way, as my mind was very clear about how it should go and who the characters should be. For whatever reason, I struggled so much less to bring it to fruition. And when it finished, I believed very strongly that it would find a home. Now it has. It comes out in 2020.

I’ll post all the details once I’m allowed (publishers, it turns out, are sort of PR ninjas and know exactly how they want all the announcements to roll out and when).

Bottom line, the old adage that it only takes one person to champion your story is so very, very true. And my book followed a tenuous path to find it’s champion.

For various reasons, it almost didn’t happen. Not least of which was that the publisher’s offer was in my junk mail. Luckily, I’ve had a short story acceptance or two end up in the junk and so I check it as a matter of routine.

I’ll preach later about perseverance, the value of rejections, and more, but right now, the only thing I want to emphasize is: check your junk mail.

I gotta get an agent now, I guess.

More soon! Yay!

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