The 73 Day Novel

It took me ten months to produce the rough draft of my first novel. That was a scorching pace for me since I hadn’t ever written anything and had to do things like ask google where the comma goes before and/or after a dialogue tag. Also I asked google things like: “What is a dialogue tag?”

I can do dialogue tags now.

On January 25th of this year I got an idea for a story. On April 7th, tonight, I finished it. 73 days of writing every day with a full time job. It’s not long, 274 pages, and it’s obviously the roughest rough. But it’s done.

I read about and listen to what writers say about writing. They’re always saying that milestones should be celebrated—don’t just gloss over them. Breathe and consider what you’ve done. I’m trying to do that more.

I just finished my second novel and I’m proud of that.

***Celebration concluded.***

Now on to power-editing. Hahaha.

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