What am I working on? How’s it going?

Completed/polished novels: 1

Queried novels: 1

Rejections so far: 25

In progress novels: 3

-[Sequel to novel being queried] – fully outlined, some written. Just waiting to see where Book I goes.

A Priori (working title) is about 110 pages in. I very much love this project and I will finish it, but it is temporarily shelved so that I can work on…

-[Title to come]. I started this book on 1/25/18 after a story idea came to me as I was falling asleep the evening before. I’m 235 pages in after two months of writing. Extremely excited about this one. It is a completely different angle on a very widely written topic. It is also timely, politically and socially speaking. I should have my first rough complete within another 2-3 weeks. I’ll polish and revise for a solid “First Draft” and get some people reading it.

I never anticipating being a writer. Never thought I would love it as much as I do. Now, three years after I first began in earnest, I find myself trying to wedge words into my stories whenever there’s a free second. Anytime I’m not writing is agony. /hyperbole, but seriously.

The fact that I have received so many rejections has only inspired me. Chugga chugga chugging away.

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